Who Will Help The Mentally Ill?

Thank God there are those trying to bring light to the torture animals have been through. The mentally ill are going through worse than the monkeys that have been experimented on for cosmetic research profit, but unlike the monkeys, have no one fighting for their abusive treatment to stop.These are human beings, throw-always, being used as guinea pigs for the pharmaceutical agencies. Instead of treatment they are punished like animals. Unlike those suffering from diabetes or heart disease, taken care of by doctors and regular hospitals, the mentally ill are thrown in jails and forensic hospitals, where they are beaten and abused.My son, formerly a gifted student, considered a genius in math and music, found in a country math search at age ten and invited to Duke University, suffered a nervous breakdown after his father stole all his money, as well as my life savings, and ran away, without even saying goodbye. He was much closer to his father who stayed home with him as he was to me, his mother, who worked from nine am until ten pm, almost seven days a week. He could not believe a father could leave a son. He was sure he, himself, did something, or said something he could not remember. To this day he still believes that.My son has had to be baker-acted, by me, court ordered, to have treatment in a crisis center-mental hospital on many occasions. Unfortunately, I am forced to call the police to take him to the hospital. That is the way they do it in my state. Sometimes the police are trained and kind, they take him right to the hospital, even talk calmly to him in a respectful way. Other times he is beaten and taken to jail instead by untrained, violent police officers that like to abuse the helpless. On this last occasion, he decided to cooperate and go to hospital voluntarily. I brought him to the Jerome Golden Center in West Palm Beach as he requested. The doctor there was given court order and was aware he was to be evaluated and treated. Instead of taking him to court as commonly done when patients refuse medicine he threatened him he would do just that, if he refused medicine, but never followed through. The Psychiatrist, though left messages by police as well as myself, would not take our calls and never responded to them.

He ignored Judges order, telling the social worker to take our calls. ignoring all our pleas he told my son, to leave, knowing he was actively psychotic. He gave him a bus ticket and a bag of new clothes I had just bought and handed it to him, putting him out on the street in the middle of severe, in fact the most severe, rain we had that year. My son was confused, left the bag of new clothes in rain, took the bus pass and tried to find his way, in the storm, in a psychotic state to get home. He could have gotten pneumonia. Hours later he walked miles from bus to home soaked and wet, dripping all the way.Because of what the incompetent psychiatrist did I had to get a restraining order and seek further treatment. The restraint order said he threatened and pushed me so police took to jail instead. Months later while in jail after a severe beating by the police in his jail cell, now filled with his blood, after he healed he was charged with resisting and sent to forensic hospital where he suffered continued abuse. Next month he will be away a year. He has lost 92 pounds and is still losing weight, had teeth knocked out, has been kicked in the testicles and punched in the face in the shower, and because of refusing a shower, by guards and techs. He has been beaten by patients enticed to beat him by staff. He has been called a snitch by a nurses aide and the last attack he was taken to hospital for stitches on his lip and X-rays of his head. While there the kind hospital staff brought him food which guards refused to let him have. Even when they tried to give him water the evil guards refused to let him have any, in spite of the hospitals aides requests. If a dog was treated that way there would be people in a rage. Next morning hungry as can be, but bruised and swollen, when asked if he was coming out for breakfast he refused, thinking they would bring it to him, which, of course, they did not. Later that morning he came out after being called for medicine and saw a tray with a box of cereal, starving he asked if it was for him, they ignored him. Reluctantly he left tray alone and went back in his room, after taking his meds. When he next came out, he saw the tray being emptied after eaten and asked about it to which guards replied “You didn’t want it.”It is like the world turned back the clock to ancient times when they were locked in rooms, some in chains. My son is consistently abused in a forensic hospital located in Florida City, Homestead now. I bring seventeen dollar bills and visit him every week and am allowed to get him candy, cake, chips and soda from the machines, with my bills, which he eats like crazy. He is still losing weight and no one cares. The medical doctor told the dietician he needed more food and the dietician refused. The dietician also never returned any of my calls, in fact only a few staff ever did. They can do whatever they like to these helpless prisoners or patients, whatever you want to call them. My son often asks me

“Why do they hate so much?” Or. ” I feel like an animal, they treat me so bad and say such horrible things; it makes me feel so like nothing.” All I can say in answer to that is”They are evil, some do not even know it. You can only pray for them that’s all you can do.”I called staff in the past and even reporting agencies, one that admitted they have gotten other calls like mine.They call this hospital South Florida Evaluation & Treatment Center, but staff admit the only treatment is medication. My son has suffered headaches and had hallucinations on many of the meds given, they even admitted to giving him the wrong meds on occasion. When the Psychiatrist was confronted with giving him a med that did not work instead of one we already know works she replied “I can do whatever I want.”The administrator of Jerome Golden when told what his Psychiatrist did said “The doctor has full authority to do whatever he decides to do” there are funds for autism and groups helping abused animals but there is no one looking out for the mentally ill.